World’s first development in Mobile Edge – Rhineland-Palatinate with DLR on Mobile World Congress 2023

World’s first development in Mobile Edge, Daniel Eberz-Eder, Agricultural Public Service Center Rhineland-Palatinate, presented the world’s first innovation in edge computing together with K.C. Choi – Executive Vice President Samsung and Rob High – IBM Fellow, Vice President and CTO at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Meet me at the Edge – IBM, Samsung Mobile and Agricultural Public Service Center RLP
Modern enterprise requires ubiquitous application distribution in a hybrid multicloud environment, from customer premises, to edge and both private and public clouds. A „Deploy and Connect“ strategy for Edge workloads is the answer. With security, reduced complexity, and Edge application lifecycle management offered through a „Deploy and Connect“ strategy, MEC, IoT, Industry 4.0 applications are covered on Network/Metro Edge locations and on-premise Far Edge locations. In this joint session, IBM’s Vice President and CTO, Rob High is joined by KC Choi, Executive Vice President and GM Global Mobile B2B Team, and Daniel Eberz-Eder, Head of Projects in Innovation and Smart Farming, State of Rhineland-Palatinate to reveal how IBM Edge workloads deployment and application lifecycle management capabilities embedded in Samsung industrial mobile devices are enhancing worker experience with AI-analytics and augmenting human productivity at scale and with cost efficiency. We’ll also explore connectivity to other Edge workloads and private, public clouds for end-to-end distributed application connectivity with network as well as infrastructure and application observability.
Speakers:  Rob High, KC Choi and Daniel Eberz-Eder

Mobile Edge in Action on the field

Mobile Edge – Open Horizon (Edge Application Manager) enables the installation and management of software containers for the first time also on mobile devices.

„This is a game changer in the development of software on mobile devices.“ said K.C. Choi, Executive Vice President Samsung

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