Resilient Edge Computing (english)

The GeoBox-I and II project consortium coined the concept of resilient digital agriculture with resilient smart farming. During the conceptualization and development of technological possibilities the „offline-first“ principle, to strengthen the resilience of critical infrastructures like agriculture, we discovered the open-source software Red Hat OpenShift and integrated it worldwide unique via the Open Horizon Framework from IBM into the GeoBox. Through this possibility, we were able to realize an infrastructure for the realization of edge computing in agriculture for the first time.

What we would like to implement concretely:

Resilient Edge Computing (REC) in Agriculture as a possibility to strengthen digital resilience


The HofBox represents both a physical computer unit (mini-server) and the software component via containerized applications. At the same time, the innovative and for agriculture promising booking journal could be implemented. The HofBox realizes the goal of decentralized data management through edge computing. Enclosed two prototypes of the HofBox are presented, which play an important role in the project.

Prototype I - RaspberryPi 4 4GB RAM
Prototype I – Raspberry Pi 4 4 GB RAM
Prototype HofBox II
Prototype II